September 29, 2003


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy yesterday split from the recent harsh criticism that his father, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, leveled against President Bush for attacking Iraq and said the country is better off without Saddam Hussein.

“I don’t agree with his stance,” the Rhode Island congressman said of his father. “I believe that the U.N. needs to be a viable international organization and the only way it is viable is if its proclamations and resolutions are enforced.”

The elder Kennedy stirred a storm of controversy recently by saying that the reasons for war were “made up in Texas” to help the GOP at election time and calling it “a fraud.”

But Patrick Kennedy, who voted to authorize Bush to use force against Iraq, said Saddam Hussein had “the worst track record of any international leader in the history of the U.N.” for violating human rights and inspections for weapons of mass destruction.

“If he didn’t have (the weapons), then how come he gassed all his people with them?” the younger Kennedy asked. “The fact is, he definitely had them. Whether he destroyed them or not is up for debate. But he had them and he’s got a propensity for invading neighboring countries and causing instability in a part of the world (where) we can’t afford to have a lot of instability.

Patrick Kennedy doesn’t agree with Bush’s approach, but this is a refreshing change from the mindless “Bush lied” agitprop we’re hearing from too many.

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