December 13, 2020

ARTHUR CHRENKOFF: Gone in 60 Weeks. “The mission is now accomplished and Joe is not strictly speaking necessary any more, though it would be a tad unseemly to remove him too soon. Unless he drops dead between now and then, he will get sworn in in January and will get to enjoy the Oval Office for a while, more as a decoration than a fixture, while his Administration powers on ahead without much input from him and certainly without much need for all but his figurehead services. The battlespace preparation has already begun, with two independent lines of probing attack launched through the mainstream media: the question of age and infirmity, and the controversy over potential family corruption.”

UPDATE: Jim Bennett emails: “My theory is, Kamela will want Joe to stay for two years and a day, so she will be eligible for that second full term in 2028. She wants the 10-year presidency, second only to FDR. And after all, Joe’s just window dressing. No harm in keeping him around longer. Also, blame him, not her, for the red tide of the 2022 elections.”

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