December 6, 2020

EVEN WHITE SUPREMACY IS BEING OUTSOURCED NOW: A bookshop owner was targeted in a bias incident. The community rallied behind her. “Later that day, she said, she got a call at the store. ‘Do you sell the Quran?’ the caller asked. Dear said she replied, “Yes,” to which the caller responded, ‘I need 50 copies and I’d like to burn them and you in your store,’ before the call went dead.”

“Bayonne police launched an investigation into what they deemed an act of bias intimidation. The police increased patrol in the area and on Nov. 21, several officers on post at the bookshop were approached by a man they would later identify as Qiuewn Zheng, 59. He uttered the same words that were in the emails sent to the bookshop, police said. Zheng was arrested and charged with bias intimidation, cyber-harassment and making terroristic threats and is being held without bail at Hudson County Correctional Center.”

On the upside, he can probably find a job working for one of Xi’s Uighur camps.

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