December 2, 2020


Is Barack Obama imparting wisdom in his Snapchat interview with Peter Hamby, or only restating the obvious? Don’t bet on it being the latter, at least not among the audience Obama hopes to reach with this advice.  “The key is deciding,” Obama says, “do you want to actually get something done — or do you want to feel good among the people you already agree with?”

Chanting “Defund the police” and attacking law enforcement rather than sticking to policies of reform is very much the latter, Obama tells Hamby.

One lefty organization that has seen the light on defunding the police is CNN, which doesn’t appreciate being on the receiving end of their usual treatment for conservatives: CNN’s PR account goes Full Karen, says they’ve contacted law enforcement about James O’Keefe.

That’s awfully rich, considering CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour have doubled as anchors on CBS’s 60 Minutes, which made hidden camera segments a trademark since the late 1960s. But this is far from the first time the DNC-MSM have gotten vapors over their tactics being used against them.

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