November 26, 2020

OH, IT’S OKAY. MY MORONIC MAYOR, A BUDDY OF PASTE EATING POLIS DID THIS ONE BETTER:  Mayor calls for “zero tolerance” for Covid rule breakers, and then goes and breaks the rules hours later.

But you know what? None of this is as stupid as continuing to believe this virus with a 99.6 survival rate for those who are hospitalized, and most of the mortality concentrated in those older than 80 requires this kind of measure.  For the love of all that is sentient, people, the idiots imposing these civilization-destroying measures, world-wide, with coordinated precision, completely ignore them. Trust me, if the virus were really, really dangerous — as paste eating Polis put it in his emergency announcement beamed to my phone, if “You are in danger from this deadly virus” — the would-be elite would be taking ALL the precautions, plus some, instead of rubbing our faces in the fact that these rules are for the peasants, only.

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