November 25, 2020

BOB ZUBRIN: Make Covid Vaccines Public Domain. Plus: “It turns out that the Moderna vaccine, which was just shown to be 95 percent effective, was actually developed by the company in just two days in January 2020. That’s right, they developed the vaccine in two days in January, but then needed to spend the following ten months performing tests in order to meet the FDA’s standards for vaccine safety and efficacy.”

Well, as Bill Frist and I were saying back in 2005, we need a program to speed up vaccine development and deployment. Operation Warp Speed sped things up a lot, but if you’re going to stop a pandemic before a lot of people die — and odds are the next major pandemic will be worse than this fairly mild one — you need a vaccine that can be administered widely in 3 months or less. Note that here a month was lost to a requirement that they have more minority test subjects.

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