August 29, 2003

OH, THAT LIBERAL MEDIA: Cathy Seipp captures a delightful example:

Still, the murmurs of pretty much blanket disapproval I’d been hearing from colleagues about Chetwynd’s doing the movie did come to a head during one truly absurd exchange:

Question: “You did contribute to [Bush’s] campaign?”

Chetwynd: “Yeah, the limit was $1,000…Would it make a better film if I’d given $1,000 to Gore?”

Question: “Yes.”

“Chetwynd: “Why?”

“Question: “Because it would show less potential bias.”

The questioner was absolutely serious. If you donate money to Bush, you’re biased towards Bush, but if you’d donated money to Gore you wouldn’t be biased AGAINST Bush. Supporting Gore is just the normal default position, as everyone knows. Chaw! I actually think that sometimes the liberal-media-baiters can be a little obsessive. This wasn’t one of those times.

Heh. I guess not.

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