November 20, 2020

UNEXPECTEDLY: NBC Hides Radical Trump-Hating Rant From Ta-Nehisi Coates.

In a comment that was clearly not meant to be a compliment to President Trump, Melvin remarked: “There are some who have suggested that, in the long run, we’ll be better off as a country, as a society, because Donald Trump was in the White House.” Coates vehemently rejected the notion:

  “Strongly disagree. Strongly, strongly disagree. I think the damage that has been done certainly will outlast my lifetime. Who knows how far it will go? Before Donald Trump, I think people believed that there were certain limits to what could be done and said within American politics. And I think that’s been obliterated. I think people thought there were certain norms for what presidents would and would not do….I think a great deal of damage has been done.” 

“Before Donald Trump, I think people believed that there were certain limits to what could be done and said within American politics?” Coates has made his career violating those terms – not least of which a 2013 column in the New York Times, in which he condemned “The Good, Racist People” of Manhattan, which is quite a read, even now.

If the reliably Democrat-voting multicultural milieu of the Times’ subscriber base can’t pass muster with Coates, how can anyone else?

And as Glenn noted in 2017:

If you divide America along racial/ethnic lines, eventually the largest racial/ethnic group will start to think of itself as a racial/ethnic group and act accordingly. But in the meantime, it’s a good living for [Ta-Nehisi] Coates, and I guess an okay one for [alt-right founder Richard] Spencer.

And if you want more Trump, well, Coates will help you get more Trump, and a lot more effectively than Spencer ever has. Right after the election, John Podhoretz tweeted, “Liberals spent 40 years disaggregating [the] U.S., until finally the largest cohort in the country chose to vote as though it were an ethnic group.” That’s where “whiteness”-as-original-sin gets you. But hey, like I said, it’s a good living for some people.

Current protestations by Trump and his aides notwithstanding, I’m assuming there will be a Biden administration in January. (Sorry, a Biden-Harris administration.) That won’t stop the left from growing ever crazier, which will likely result in a very Trumpy successor to Trump running in opposition in 2024. (The strange new respect that Trump will receive from the media in order to attack his successor will be astonishing to watch.)

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