July 29, 2003

SPINSANITY has a roundup on truth and lies over Niger. Meanwhile The Daily Howler says that the press changed Congo to Niger in order to fit its desired story line. Say it ain’t so!

Did British intelligence have real evidence that Iraq “had been scouring countries across Africa for uranium,” as the Times said it had learned? Was it true, as the Times reported, that “the Iraqis were known to have targeted the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo?” Here at THE HOWLER, we simply don’t know. But our press corps has persistently suggested that the Brit intel was all about Niger, and lived or died by those crudely forged documents. These contemporary reports from the British press suggest that this wasn’t the case.

Africa is, in fact, a continent that is home to several different countries besides Niger. Many members of the press seem unaware of this.

And scroll down in the Howler post for the connection between David Remnick, MI6, and Blink 182. . . .

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