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July 27, 2003


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So ended the reign of terror of two memorable monsters. Uday was the more grotesque. He supposedly had a penchant for raping the girlfriends of other prominent Iraqis and then branding them with the letter “U.” Iraqi soccer players remember Uday as the world’s only Olympic Committee chairman with a torture chamber in his headquarters. [Hey!  Remember who The Indie was rooting for on that one?  Independent News/ World/ Midddle East/ Iraq begins bid for Olympics with a stadium for Baghdad ] Players who failed to measure up could be dragged through a gravel pit then dipped in a sewer, so their cuts would fester. [And Tam Dalyell told Parliament that was all lies put about by his enemies!  BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair hits back in Iraq torture row   Telegraph | News/ Saddam Torture claim contradicts evidence ]   Saddam favored his younger son, Qusay, who was less flamboyant and more purposeful in his sadism, though no less wicked. He would watch as political prisoners got fed, feet first, into the wood chipper; when he grew bored, the prisoners were fed in head first. [ Tom Watson – Labour MP: Comment on Ann Clwyd MP  See comments of poster Tom Rawlinson, who was NOT ABOUT TO BE FOOLED by this sort of warmongering propaganda] Qusay was chief of Saddam’s security forces. Uday ran the ragtag Fedayeen. Both men were feared by everyone in Iraq.

I can’t think why…

Uday’s Home Movies

…Uday then finishes off the party by shooting directly over the heads of the band members, who amazingly, keep playing. The keyboard player crouches behind his instrument, still pounding the keys, as Uday shoots up the HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign hung at head level across the stage. When he runs out of bullets, Uday shakes hands with the frightened singer, and just to show he’s a good sport, tells the keyboard player: “See all those holes? All those bullets could be in your belly.” Then he laughs.

And anyway “respected journalist” Robert Fisk thinks that killing the Chuckle Brothers was just plain counter-productive.

Killing Saddam’s Sons Gains Resistance Momentum: Fisk  

…Fisk says that the killing of Qusay, Uday and even the much-hoped of Saddam himself will only gain the Iraqi resistance momentum in the days ahead…

But he also has his doubts about the veracity of their demise…

The respected journalist, however, cast doubts that “the unidentified bodies” found after a six-hour gun battle between Iraqi gunmen and the U.S. “Task Force 20”, which combines both CIA agents and special forces, were of Qusay and Uday. He said that the U.S. intelligence services which received a tip-off from an Iraqi source were know for their “miserable failures”…He also ruled out that Saddams sons would ever be together for security considerations.  “And in a family obsessed with their own personal security, would Uday and Qusay really be together? Would they allow themselves to be trapped? The two so-called “lions of Iraq ” (this courtesy of Saddam) in the very same cage?” He asked.

…which he conquered long enough to demand WHY the Americans had to kill the boys?  Why the crude and violent “shoot first and ask questions afterward” tactics?

We may have our own private reflections about the justice of this, but here’s an answer that even Fiskie should be able to process:  They were shooting at the 101st Airborne Division.

Always a dangerous move.

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