July 27, 2003

STEVEN DEN BESTE OFFERS A STRATEGIC OVERVIEW OF THE WAR TO DATE. It’s long, and thorough. But you probably figured that already. . . .

Why hasn’t the Bush Administration produced something like this? Probably because it contains statements that, while true, would have unfortunate diplomatic ramifications if made by Administration officials. But pundits and analysts of the war would be well-advised to read Den Beste’s post.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, here’s an interesting item pointing out that guerrilla resistance in Germany continued until 1947. How come we’re not hearing this comparison in mainstream media?

ANOTHER UPDATE: This was mentioned in a story I linked earlier, but here’s a Chuck Schumer press release attacking the Bush Administration for coddling Saudi Arabia. That’s a far cry from DNC commercials of the Niger-Uranium sort, but Schumer’s often an early indicator of what Democrats think will get them traction. Stay tuned.

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