October 16, 2020

SOME INTERESTING DATA: https://www.gzeromedia.com/the-graphic-truth-two-different-pandemics-eu-vs-us-10-15-2020. “The current situation is a sharp contrast to the disparity seen over the summer, when US cases were spiking across much of the Midwest and South while European countries seemed to have kept the coronavirus (mostly) in check due to stricter adherence to social distancing and mask-wearing.” Seemed to. More charts at the link.

A friend on Facebook adds: “This shows data that I am not seeing (at least not this graphically) anywhere else. Basically, for all the trashing of US response to COVID vis-a-vis the EU, it seems that Europe is more out of control. (Sweden has managed to avoid this wave so far). I am mystified that Trump and the GOP don’t talk about these data more OR discuss the contrast between relative success of blue vs red states with COVID.”

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