October 12, 2020

THE ORWELL HEARING: Dems Warp Meaning of ‘Court Packing.’

The Democratic Party’s presidential nominee Joe Biden, a man who vows to bring normalcy back to a battered nation, is unable to tell voters whether he supports a plan to destroy the American judicial system.

Of course, if Biden promises he won’t pack the courts in retaliation for the likely confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, the sizable anti-constitutional wing of his party will be enraged. If he promises to do it, the brittle façade of “moderation” will be smashed.

Biden, who once argued that FDR’s court-packing scheme had been a great corruption of power, hasn’t been able to wave away the question. Last week, he told a local reporter that voters would find out his answer on court packing after the election. When asked whether he believed that voters “deserved” to know before they voted, he responded that, no, they did not. (These are the same Democrats, incidentally, who contend that confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett should be postponed because Americans are already voting.)

All of this is an unexpected dilemma for Democrats, whose candidate seldom faces a challenging query from, well, just about anyone. Unable to wave away the controversy, liberals have decided to run with full-blown doublespeak, deliberately obfuscating, warping, and reversing the meaning of “court packing.” And most of the political media responded by asking, “Whose car are we taking?”

Another Orwellianism by Democrats at the start of Barrett’s hearing: ‘Where’s MY picture?!’ Dems dragged for shamelessly placing pics of people ‘who will lose’ healthcare in front of ACB at #SCOTUSHearing.

Obama’s repeated “If you like your plan you can keep your plan” lies were so outrageous, even his fellow Democrats at “Politifact” couldn’t ignore it, dubbng it their “Lie of the Year” in 2013.

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