May 30, 2003

BUDGET CONSPIRACY THEORIES? Powerline reports that the Financial Times story claiming a deficit coverup is bunk, and has transcripts of the interview suggesting that the story has been rather vigorously spun, to put it mildly:

So the thrust of the article published by the Financial Times, and elaborated on by CNN, the BBC, Reuters, and, no doubt, just about every newspaper in America by tomorrow morning, is the precise opposite of what the Financial Times reporter was told by one of the authors of the supposedly “buried” study.

I’m entirely an agnostic on the Bush tax cuts, and I find the debate — in which Democrats predictably claim that it wll bankrupt the country and starve the poor while Republicans claim it will lead to universal wealth — predictable and unpersuasive. Take it away, Paul Krugman and Donald Luskin.

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