September 7, 2020

SPEAKING OF COVER-UPS: Until my research assistant gathered these names for me, I would not have recognized what they have in common, because of what can only be described as a widespread unwillingness of the MSM to cover important things that conflict with the narrative reporters and editors collectively want to establish. Do you know what these names have in common?
1. Javar Harrell
2. Dave Patrick Underwood
3. Chris Beaty
4. Dorian Murrell
5. Italia Kelly
6. Marquis M. Tousant
7. Marvin Francois
8. John Tiggs
9. Jose Gutierrez
10. Victor Cazares Jr.
11. David Dorn
12. Horace Lorenzo Anderson
13. Tyler Gerth
14. Antonio Mays Jr.
15. Secoriea Turner
16. Jessica Doty Whitaker
17. Aaron Danielson

They are all people murdered by rioters and looters since the anti-police protests began in late May.

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