September 1, 2020

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Running to Save Us from a Race War Fomented by Democrats. I think that’s exactly right.

It was during the Republican convention last week and it was obvious what the Democrat Party was attempting to do. And they’re building on it now with the attempt to blame Trump for all of the domestic terrorism that is going on. I believe the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, whoever, I think they are attempting, and have been for a while, to literally foment a race war. I think that has been the objective. And they have been throwing so much hate at Donald Trump that they have been goading him into responding with his own version of hate. And that is where Trump has been brilliant.

He has not responded in kind. He has not responded with hate. They have ladled it on. They have just hammered hate at him, hoping that he will hammer hate back at them. You look at that Republican convention, there wasn’t any hate. You couldn’t find a shred of it. All you found was love, appreciation. You found one of the most diverse political conventions I have ever seen, one that was uplifting to me. And I needed it at the point that it happened last week. And it did. Trump and that convention lifted me at a time I needed it. And I hope that it had the same effect on a lot of other people.

Trump is not just running for reelection. There’s so much more going on here. The story that the president told at the Republican National Convention — and believe me, it was his story, and it was well assembled. It was brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed by virtually everybody who had a role in it. The story he was telling is about saving this country from the race war that I firmly believe the left is attempting to foment.

The left in this country — it’s patently obvious now — they want this election to be, they want the current American circumstance to be black versus white, not left versus right, not male versus female, not straight versus gay. They want it to be black versus white. Immigrant versus native maybe, but as long as it has a racial component, that’s what the Democrats are attempting to foment. And Trump didn’t buy it. He didn’t buy into it. He didn’t take the bait. He didn’t respond in kind. All last week the president made clear that it’s about people who are constructive, who are productive and generally happy. That’s us. Versus people who are — let’s face it — miserably unhappy. . . .

I think it’s a very underappreciated message that Trump had all during the convention last week. And by promoting it at this time, I literally believe that Donald Trump may be saving America from a fate you and I don’t want to contemplate. We don’t want another civil war based on race. We don’t want race wars. We don’t want any of that because it’s not something naturally occurring. The Democrats are trying, they are literally trying to foment hate. And it isn’t working because it’s not who the American people are, ladies and gentlemen.

The critics were hoping that as the Democrats — Biden, Kamala Harris, the whole mess of them — as they throw hate, as they harass people that attended Trump’s acceptance speech Thursday night at the White House, they were assaulted. They were attacked. The D.C. mayor had insufficient police resources. It was a setup. People had to walk to leave the White House grounds where the acceptance speech had taken place.

It was purposely designed to force Trump, I believe, into responding with his own brand of hate that would have been driven by anger. I think they hoped to make Trump so mad that he would react to these people, but he didn’t react the way they hoped and the way they attempted to manipulate. There was no hate for hate. Look at all the white people bashing at the Democrat National Convention. The platform mentioning white people 15 times, all negative.

The Republican convention didn’t return fire in such a way. It simply promoted the diversity that’s in the party. There was nothing but love and accomplishment and achievement, possibilities, soaring possibilities. Not a return volley of hate. They were hoping Trump would throw divisiveness right back at them. Instead, he brought up all of these positive, successful minority people and told his supporters, “Look. These are our kind of people. And we’re glad to have them.” Met hate with love.

The Democrat Party is the biggest hate group in America today, and Trump met it all last week with love.

Exactly right. (Bumped).

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