August 31, 2020

WHAT’S IN STORE FOR CALIFORNIA?:  A radical race agenda, that’s what.  The California Senate has now passed a bill establishing a slave reparations task force.  Meanwhile, it has also approved a bill that requires race/sexual orientation quotas for corporate boards of directors. A somewhat different version of the corporate board bill has already passed the Assembly, so it’s unlikely they will balk this time around.  And, of course, the Legislature has already passed a bill asking voters to rip up the state constitution’s prohibition on discrimination and preferential treatment on the basis of race or sex.  It’s all so breathtaking.  Sorry I don’t have time to write more …

UPDATE (FROM GLENN): Kurt Schlichter’s The People’s Republic wasn’t supposed to be a how-to manual. But if you want an idea of where California is headed, well, it’s the thing to read first.

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