April 29, 2003

I CAN’T VOUCH FOR THIS SOURCE, which I’m unfamiliar with. And the email with the link came via a Russian anonymous-remailer service. So keep that in mind as you read this report:

Well placed sources tell Mineweb that sensitive records and correspondence related to the oil-for-food programme have been purged from the computer system at UN headquarters in New York. For detail of the sums involved, see the table at the end of this article.

Mineweb’s sources dismiss assurances by oil-for-food programme director, Benon Sevan, that current audits are sufficient. “These audits are sometimes used to cover-up real problems in programmes such as the UN’s Chief Resident Auditor in the Congo who was removed and his audit blocked when it alleged possible fraud involving communications equipment procured for that mission,” the source said.

Perhaps some other journalists will be inspired to take a look.

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