April 27, 2003


France colluded with the Iraqi secret service to undermine a Paris conference held by the prominent human rights group Indict, according to documents found in the foreign ministry in Baghdad.

Various documents state that the Iraqis believed the French were doing their utmost to prevent the meeting from going ahead.

Ann Clwyd, the Labour MP who chairs Indict, said last night that she would be demanding an apology from the French government for its behaviour, which she described as “atrocious”. . . .

Saddam supporters staged a protest outside before it started, she said, and at one point a bomb scare led to the hall having to be evacuated.

Victims of Saddam’s regime gave evidence at the conference and filming was strictly forbidden because they feared being identified.

But someone smuggled in a camera and started filming, Miss Clwyd said.

“The police were called. But they could not take the film from the man because he was an Iraqi accredited to the Moroccan embassy.”

The French foreign ministry denied collusion.

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UPDATE: And here’s more on George Galloway:

The appeal set up by George Galloway to treat a sick Iraqi child spent more than £800,000 on political campaigns and expenses, including a direct salary payment to his wife, the MP admitted yesterday.

Dr Amineh Abu Zayyad, Mr Galloway’s Palestinian wife, was paid around £18,000 by the appeal fund to “look after” Mariam Hamza, the girl who received treatment for leukaemia in Britain and America.

It’s always the money with these tribunes of the people. As Tim Blair notes:

The charity spent £860,000 on anti-sanctions campaigns, expenses and administration, and only £100,000 on the kid. She was effectively used as a front for a propaganda operation.

He thinks things are looking bad for George.

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