August 10, 2020


Brown believes that the coming years will be a “bumpy ride” for the White House occupant. He may be right. On the other hand, the coming years might well see an end to the pandemic and a massive economic recovery.

The coming years are likely to be a very bumpy ride for a Democratic Attorney General, should the nation be saddled with one. The Wuhan coronavirus will very likely recede before the wave of homicides and other violent crimes does.

As Attorney General, Harris would either have to alienate the Democratic base by standing up against lawlessness or preside over anarchy in our cities. In all likelihood, she would satisfy neither the Democratic left nor those who desire some semblance of order.

Better to be more or less out of sight as vice president.

The nomination isn’t Harris’ to decline at this moment. If she gets the nod, she should jump at the opportunity — and almost certainly will.

Related: There is no ‘do no harm’ VP pick. “Harris ticks all the right boxes in terms of look and backstory, but her presidential campaign has already proved she doesn’t attract voters. Rice is a Washington operator, not a campaigner. She is arguably the most establishment black woman in America; it will be hard to portray her as a great leap forward. Which might be why Team Biden has been stalling on its decision. They know that, in trying to ‘do no harm’, their vice-presidential nomination could end up shooting their campaign in the foot.”

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