March 31, 2003

THIS COULD BE A SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE SKIT: Arnold Kling imagines questions the press might ask at an Iraqi military briefing. Excerpt:

Your strategy of showing American prisoners and dead on TV, in order to destroy their will to fight does not seem to be working. Can you comment on reports suggesting that this has only made the American people angrier?

The government’s best hope for surviving this war is pressure from world opinion to stop the fighting. Can you explain how shooting civilians trying to flee Basra helps to mobilize world public opinion on our behalf?

Hmm. I wonder why Saddam isn’t standing in front of a bunch of reporters and answering questions like these? I guess it’s because (1) he’s dead or close to it; and (2) any Iraqi reporters who asked questions like these would be dunked in acid. D’ya think?

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