March 29, 2003


Contrasting British servicemen and women with the appeasers, it is hard not to laugh. Are these two sides even the same species, let alone the same nationality? On one hand the selflessness and internationalism of the soldiers; on the other the Whites-First isolationism of the protesters. Excuse me, who are the idealists here? And is it a total coincidence that those stars most prominent in the anti-war movement are the most notoriously “difficult”and vain – Streisand, Albarn, Michael, Madonna, Sean Penn? And Robin Cook! Why might anyone believe world peace can be secured by this motley bunch?

Anti-war nuts suffer from the usual mixture of egotism and self-loathing that often characterises recreational depression – an unholy alliance of Oprahism and Meldrewism in which you think you’re scum, but also that you’re terribly important, too. For instance, what about the loony who offered to be crucified on live TV if George Bush promised not to invade Iraq? “Send your troops home and take me,” she wrote to the White House, adding later, “I don’t want to appear as some nutter.” Similarly, there are the human shields – now limping homewards after being shocked to discover, bless ’em, that Saddam wanted to stick them in front of military installations as opposed to the hospitals and petting zoos that they’d fondly imagined they were going to defend.

Follow the link. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you anyway. Why, it’s almost something you might read here.

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