March 28, 2003

BELOW, I refer to Prof. De Genova as a Holocaust denier, of sorts (he doesn’t deny it happened, he just thinks that through some sort of historical mumbojumbo the Jews have turned into the bad guys). But Tom Perry thinks De Genova is a Holocaust promoter for wishing for a “million Mogadishus:”

Obviously this is a dumb thing to say, and Columbia University must be a silly place. Just for a moment, let’s pretend de Genova meant it.

18 American soldiers died, and 73 were injured in the Battle of Mogadishu. Thus, De Genova would like to see 18 million American soldiers killed, and 73 million injured. That would account for everyone in the armed forces and most of the American militia, of which De Genova is a member.

Where do you want your bullet, doc?

Moving on, we find that De Genova would like to see approximately 750 million little brown foreigners mowed down by American machine guns. This is a conservative estimate, but it should be sufficient to take care of any problems we have with people in the Middle East. See, the great thing about American military defeats is, we always win!

Can do, chief!

Back in reality, we ask what de Genova was thinking. The answer: he wasn’t. Thinking is, like, passe, and so is meaning what you say.

Kind of sad, isn’t it, when a guy who goes by the handle “dipnut” is able to think and talk rings around a Columbia professor?

Sad — and, nowadays, utterly typical.

UPDATE: Here’s a firsthand account of the event, while Sarah Maserati wonders if Columbia would be defending De Genova’s free speech rights if he had called for a million Matthew Shepards. Some questions answer themselves, don’t they? But, see, to the folks at Columbia gay people are people. American soldiers are just oppressors.

Justin Katz has some further thoughts.

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