July 20, 2020

TYLER O’NEIL: This Activist’s Marxist Brainwashing Explains Why Antifa Has Terrorized Portland for 51 Nights.

“My name is Lilith Sinclair, I’m an Afro-Indigenous non-binary local organizer here in Portland, organizing for the abolition of not just the militarized police state but also the United States as we know it,” Sinclair declares in a brief video that went viral on Twitter. She also called Portland “stolen land,” proceeding to give Native Americans a “land acknowledgment.” By the way, she also identifies herself as a “sex worker,” i.e. a prostitute.

By “Afro-Indigenous,” Sinclair likely means she has black and Native American ancestors. By “non-binary,” she insists that she does not fall into the binary understanding of biological sex as male or female. In an interview with the Portland Mercury last month, Sinclair argued that Americans have to deconstruct the “colonized thought” that white oppressors supposedly foisted upon racial minorities.

These really are Heinlein’s Crazy Years — we just live in them.

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