March 28, 2003

THE CNN BIT seemed to go okay, though it’s always hard to tell from in front of the camera. When you do these things, you don’t usually get a monitor, which means you’re sitting in a darkened room, with bright lights in your eyes, squinting (or, rather, trying not to squint) at the camera while tiny voices talk in your ear. You can’t see the graphics, you can’t tell what the host is doing, you can’t tell when you’re on the screen and when you’re not, etc., etc. The photo on the right, which I snapped while I was waiting to go on, is a typical view. I did manage to get a plug in for Kevin Sites’ blog, though, which probably won’t please the suits at CNN. (By the way, Xeni Jardin informs me that there’s a Kevin Sites blog fan-group discussion board now. Instead of the Scud Stud, he’s the Blog Stud!)

It’s a beautiful day here, as you can see from this image I snapped on the way back to the office, and I’m going to go enjoy it a bit. I’ve spent too much time huddled in front of a computer lately, and both body and soul need some sunshine. Back later.

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