July 15, 2020

WILL A.G. SULZBERGER EVER GROW A SET OF BALLS? Woke wolves and the cowardly leaders of liberal America.

Spoiler: No.

Notwithstanding my advice, which contains what Hollywood would call an homage to Kurt Schlichter:

The proper response to a bunch of junior staffers complaining about articles that a newspaper publishes is something between “Go, write a piece explaining why that piece is wrong” and “Fetch my latte.” Journalism jobs are hard to come by and, for every troublesome staffer at The Times, there are undoubtedly at least a dozen candidates out there who would do at least as good a job and with less overweening self-importance.

But the Sulzbergers don’t think that way, because they’re losers. “As Weiss noted in her letter, Sulzberger praised her in private, even as he simultaneously failed to defend her in public from the threats and slanders of her own colleagues, both in internal communications and on Twitter. Such conduct marks the journalistic scion forevermore as less a man than a mouse. . . . It’s that simple. Sulzberger let the wolves try to devour Weiss to save his own rich-boy hide. She refused to participate in her own sacrifice.”

Worse than that. His “rich-boy hide” was never at risk. He has the power to bring all of this to an end and restore decorum and professionalism to the New York Times. But to do that, he’d have to be The Man. And he thinks his role is to stick it to The Man. Even if that means betraying a woman like Bari Weiss.

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