July 12, 2020


So let’s just play a little thought experiment here. What if the email had been sent by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, who raised the exact same issues about the NBA’s response to Hong Kong protesters? And what if Woj had immediately responded, “Fuck you,” to her?

There’s a good chance he would have been fired.

You know it, I know it, everyone reading this column right now knows it.

I’m not advocating for firing anyone for an email that expresses their true opinions. Never have, never will. The same should hold true for Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, you name it. We have to stop canceling people just because we disagree with what they say. Cancel culture, which has been wielded as a weapon by the far left wing in this country for years, is not healthy for our country, period.

But the reason why Woj felt like he could respond to Senator Hawley’s office like he did is because in 2016 ESPN employees donated 100x as much money to Hillary Clinton as to Donald Trump. He knows he can say whatever he wants to a Republican and there will be no consequences.


Read the whole thing. Incidentally, Hawley’s reply to Wojnarowski’s “apology” was perfect:

He knows that thanks to parent company Disney, ESPN is only going to report on the NBA being beholden to China in the politest of language:

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