July 4, 2020

ROGER SIMON: Celebrate the Fourth Under the New Blitz.

Dr. Anthony Fauci—a Deep State functionary par excellence for decades—became a literal temporary dictator of our national life over the last few months, in part by decrying this drug.

But enough of him. On to what is the biggest lie, the grandest disinformation, being promulgated across our land for July 4, 2020—America is a racist country!

All I can say is [expletive deleted].

How about balderdash?

This is The Big Lie in extremis and, like so many of its ilk, the reverse is true. America—as most of us know but are loathe to admit in public these days—is the least racist, most multi-cultural country in history, one that lost roughly a half million of its citizens in the fight against slavery and then enacted all kinds of legislation against racism, also giving preferences to minorities that endure to this day and have changed the nature of our businesses, educational system, politics, media, and entertainment.

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