July 1, 2020

WHO IS AUTHORITARIAN AND CORRUPT:  WHO: Countries complaining about contact tracing are ‘lame’.

Also, I don’t complain about contact tracing. I go Professor Bernardo de la Paz on them. Our normal hangout is not making us sign in, but if they were…  Well…. Mr. Manuel Garcia O’Kelly and his wife Wyoming Knott would have enjoyed some Mexican tonight. And the best way to contact them would be the governor’s mansion.

Look, yeah, sure, if this were the Black Death contact tracing would have been essential. Five months ago. Now? it’s in the population, pretty much everywhere as study after study shows.  And if you’re going to contact trace you’d have to do it everywhere, including grocery stores, people talking in parking lots, etc.
This is just health theater. I have no patience for kabuki. And I’ve made it a point not to give my schedule away to all and sundry, due to some truly unpleasant experiences. Much less making our daft governor and his zany circle a present of my preferences in restaurants.

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