June 30, 2020


Marx thought of everything! Well, most stuff. Marx saw history as coming in three waves. The first two were feudalism and capitalism. The third phase is Communism – so do not worry your pretty little mind, it is coming no matter what you do. This inevitability is comforting to Marxists and is often convincing to those who do not question (or, read good). The Marxist theory, story, or narrative is just too darn comforting. So the masses who do not think critically (American college students in particular) resign themselves to it.

However, one detail often overlooked is Marx was a racist – a fact I will ask you to ignore since I know many readers will want to tear down statues of Marx and abandon the Marxist followers who lead Marxist Antifa (MANTIFA) and Marxist Black Lives Matter (MBLM).* In fact, since the inconvenient truth of Marx’s racial profiling emerged in the 1970s, the world Comintern of Marxist followers has endeavored to kill the history, or rewrite it. These dedicated followers are racism enablers.

Flashback: Berkeley students angry that they have to read Marx, not because he was, well, a Marxist, but because he was yet another dead white European male: “The course syllabus employed a standardized canon of theory that began with Plato and Aristotle, then jumped to modern philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Hegel, Marx, Weber and Foucault, all of whom are white men. The syllabus did not include a single woman or person of color.”

As James Lileks wrote in response, “Marx is in foul order in Berkeley not for his ideas, or the heaps of corpses accumulated in his name, but because he had a prostate. By the way, Foucault died of AIDS, so you can dismiss everything the students wrote. Homophobes and haters. No, kids, don’t bother defending yourselves. As your heroes would no doubt say: If it wasn’t true, we wouldn’t have accused you.”

UPDATE: Karl Marx Calls Mexicans Lazy. Will Social Justice Warriors Demand Noted Racist Karl Marx Be Banned From Study on Campus ?

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