June 8, 2020

MICHAEL WALSH: Why the Wuhan Flu Turned Violent. “In short, nearly everything they told us about the second coming of the Black Death turned out to be wrong. And for this, our betters ravaged the economies of the West, bullied the honest citizenry, and suspended the Bill of Rights — and then when the riots came, excused them on the non-medical grounds that ‘racism’ (a neologism in common usage only since about 1970) is a worse health threat than, well, Covid-19. [What follows is not a parody.]”

Plus: “There is a linkage between the coronavirus hoax and the riots — it’s just not what they say it is. From the moment Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, the Left has been determined to destroy not only the Trump presidency but also the very country that allowed such an enormity to occur. They — the DNC, the big media, academe — have thrown everything they have into the fight, and that they have now turned to outright violence in its late stages ought to tell you something, both about the ‘resistance’s’ history, and the future it has planned for you.”

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