June 7, 2020

NY TIMES OP-ED: White people should stop talking to relatives until they support BLM.

This is exactly the kind of thing Scientology does, requiring those inside the cult to cut themselves off from those outside, even close family members. In fact, in Scientology those on the inside are denounced for failing to distance themselves from friends and family who aren’t supportive.

Even apart from the cultic nature of this, it should strike people as obviously wrong. The author isn’t recommending an appeal based on reason or empathy, he jumps directly to emotional blackmail. It would have been one thing if he’d merely said, ‘talk to your friends about why this matters.’ But he’s gone beyond that to saying anyone who really cares should demand compliance. The creepiest part is his justification of this demand, i.e. “love requires sacrifice.”

If you love me, you’ll sacrifice your relationship with your friends and parents.

Actually, it’s worse – if you love me, you’ll risk sacrificing your parents and grandparents – as the Times does one of those spectacular aerial 180s that only leftists can perform:

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