June 5, 2020


Why, exactly, would major retailers choose to rebuild and re-open stores that were burned to the ground or otherwise destroyed by rioters? What is there in the current response to riots by big city politicians that provides any assurance that the same thing won’t happen again? If you owned a store in an area that was destroyed by rioters, would you invest more money in the same location? Why?

Read the whole thing.

And speaking of “Please Don’t Go:” ‘Frantic’ New Yorkers snatch up unwanted homes in the suburbs.

Astonishingly, the riots and looting aren’t even mentioned in the above NY Post article. They will only accelerate this trend.

Both of these trends are discussed in my latest, over at Ed Driscoll.com: American Cities Take Double-Barreled Hit; How Will They Look in the Future?

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