May 14, 2020

JON CALDARA: Earning a living is the new civil disobedience.

The American Dream is created via an elusive mixture of insanely hard work, intelligence and colossal personal risk. Jennifer and her husband took on that challenge to start their dream. They mortgaged their home, emptied their savings and pulled money from their retirement funds to create Water’s Edge Winery and Bistro located at 2102 E Arapahoe Road in Centennial.

After five grueling years their business was a success, employing many people, allowing those folks to pay their own rents and the taxes to support others without work.

When her restaurant was shut down Jennifer re-organized to provide pick-up food service. She found that while people were waiting for their meal orders to be cooked, they wanted to have a glass of wine. The place is a winery after all.

Who would have guessed this would become the beginning of a law-breaking demonstration of resistance? Forget the Tea Party of 1773. This is the Wine Party of 2020.

Rread the whole thing.

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