May 6, 2020

HUGH HEWITT: Things That Are Going To Happen.

Thing 1 – As things open up, and simultaneously testing becomes more widespread – diagnoses of Covid-19 are going to increase. This is going to cause the press to declare the second wave has hit. This will create hysteria and panic in some circles, causing further and tighter clampdowns in some areas. Nothing will actually change from the current situation vis-a-vie the illness itself.

Thing 2 – At some point, not too distant, one of the ever tightening officials is going to make good on their threats and start actually arresting people. The people arrested will be put in holding cells in far greater proximity to other people than they were doing whatever it is that got them arrested to begin with. Then, and only then will they catch Covid-19. I hope they sue the bejeebers out of the ever-tightening official.

Thing 3 – From my perspective here in “Clampdownville,” the signs of “cheating” on restrictions are ever increasing. People are almost literally chomping at the bit. If restrictions are not lifted very soon, when they are lifted people are going to go a little crazy and do intemperate things – thus creating an actual problem with spreading the disease. Authorities will deny any responsibility and try to reimpose the excessive restrictions that created the problem to begin with. See Thing 2. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

I know some of you think that the Democrats are going to successfully seize a lot of power this way. I rather expect the opposite.

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