March 28, 2020

THEY WANT A STAMPEDE:  Distortion and fear: the MSM won’t quit doing this, because they think (know?) it works.

—The US is nowhere near having the highest number of cases per capita. Comparing absolute numbers in different countries without correcting for population means nothing, and one doesn’t need advanced math to realize that. Look at the cases per million numbers here, and you’ll see that the US has one of the world’s lowest rates (at the moment, anyway), not the highest at all. That will change and go up, of course, as testing continues. But it’s the more important statistic than sheer number of cases, although neither tells us very much right now.
—Then there’s deaths per million. It’s a figure that means more, because it’s less dependent on the vagaries of mass testing (although it still does rely on proper testing of the very ill and dying, of course). On that measure, the current figure for the US is extremely low, similar to Germany which is considered to be doing very well. But this is not a number in which the media is especially interested because it’s nowhere near as effective for its uses.

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