March 26, 2020


This is a terrible problem for Democrats, but I would give priority to the important work Cuomo needs to keep doing for New York right now. He should not be pulled off the job to do the work of running for President (or Vice President!). Right now, he looks especially good because he is coordinating with the Trump administration. It would be disastrous to confuse that work by making him Trump’s official opponent. Getting through this crisis is more important than the presidential election, and even if it weren’t, the Democrats are not going to win by putting their party interests above taking care of the immediate problem now. Cuomo is the Governor of New York. He’s doing a what seems to be a good job of it, right when that is what is desperately needed. That’s more than enough for Cuomo. The fact that Biden is a terrible presidential candidate for this time is just too damned bad.

There’s always Hillary. Or Michelle.

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