November 27, 2002

SAUDI SCHIZOPHRENIA: The IndePundit writes:

FEW YEARS AGO, I read a news report about some remarks made by a Saudi Prince to the Arab press that struck me as odd. The Prince was responding to a question about the presence of foreign military in the Kingdom, and he replied, rather brusquely, that there were no foreign troops in Saudi Arabia.

What was odd about this was that I was reading this report on board the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf, and a few hours earlier I had been tracking a flight of American F-15s from Prince Sultan Airbase to the Southern No-Fly Zone over Iraq.

The Saudis’ relationship with the truth is a complex one. Well, actually, “complex” is a euphemism for “they lie a lot, even when it’s obvious, and expect to be taken seriously.”

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