March 3, 2020

WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Coronavirus in Canada: Travellers from Iran report no screening at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.


Why are so many new cases of COVID- 19 in Canada linked to travel from Iran?

Iran’s Death Toll From Coronavirus Jumps to 54, With 978 Infected.

Coronavirus ravaging Iran at 20 times greater rate than officials admit: resistance group.

Coronavirus Infects 23 Iranian Lawmakers As Ayatollah Orders Military to Help Fight Spread.

Iran finds millions of hoarded gloves as coronavirus deaths hit 66.

Coronavirus Takes Out Aide To Iran’s “Supreme Leader.”

Qatar reports its first coronavirus in man who returned from Iran.

Iranians Lick Door of Holy Shrine to Show Coronavirus Who’s Boss.

Applying essential oil to anus ‘cures coronavirus’: Iranian cleric.

Iranian mullahs reject offer of US Coronavirus aid.

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