February 28, 2020

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Korea Cases Top 2,000; Nigeria Confirms Infection.

As Virus Spreads, Koreans Blame Refusal to Stop Chinese Visitors.

FDA reports 1st drug shortage due to novel coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus spreads in three continents; $5 trillion wiped off markets.

Coronavirus Found In Sub Saharan Africa As WHO Says Spread Could Get Out of Control.

China Spins Coronavirus Crisis, Hailing Itself as a Global Leader.

‘It’s no worse than the flu’: busting the coronavirus myths.

Geneva Motor Show to be canceled after coronavirus causes government to ban large events.

Coronavirus: Quarantined inside Italy’s red zone.

France: “force majeure” can be declared over coronavirus in contracts with smaller firms.

Coronavirus is drying up the supply chains of Southeast Asia’s factories.

Plus, seen on Facebook:


But there’s no coverup:

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