February 21, 2020

CAN YOU HELP?: My friends at the National Association of Scholars are preparing a report on administrative bloat in higher education and the student debt crisis. As a part of their research, they’d like to interview a number of individuals about their post-high school choices and/or their experience with student loans.

Ms. Arnold, the NAS research associate working on this project, would like to interview individuals in the following broad categories:

  • People who attended college in the past or who currently attend college.
  • People who did not attend college.
  • People who chose a non-traditional education path.
  • Parents of college students or college-bound students.

(Yep, that’s everybody and then some.)

Interviews will be conducted via telephone (preferably) or via Google forms. Interviewees who don’t want their names used in the report can have their names “anonymized” for the final report.

Please contact Ms. Arnold at arnold(at)nas(dot)org if you are willing to be interviewed.

By the way, if would like to join the National Association of Scholars, that can be arranged. I am a proud member.

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