February 14, 2020

TURNING VIRGINIA INTO CALIFORNIA, PART II: At Bacon’s Rebellion, Hans Bader points out that the Old Dominion has passed the most extreme anti-discrimination statute in the South (the bill simply awaits reconciliation between the House and Senate versions):

For example, the Virginia Values Act contains no protections against groundless or unreasonable lawsuits: It doesn’t allow employers to obtain their attorneys fees when such lawsuits are brought to shake down an employer over a meritless claim…Another flaw of the Virginia Values Act is that it provides for unlimited punitive damages, “without limitation otherwise imposed by law.” This is troubling, because punitive damages are often imposed in a random, unpredictable, and arbitrary way, and limitations imposed by law are appropriate to constrain such abuses and provide greater consistency.

Virginia is fast becoming a very bad place to do business. When Northern Virginia turned blue, it turned deep blue. It is dragging the rest of the state with it to the depths.

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