February 14, 2020

IT’S MOSTLY JUST A CASE OF THE MASKS COMING OFF: A Bernie Sanders win spells the end of America’s center-left, which is already a global trend.

Sound familiar? Sanders bears the closest resemblance to his equally aged and disheveled ideological cousin from the United Kingdom — Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn crashed the gates of the Labour party as, essentially, an outsider. He rose on the strength of a left-wing grassroots movement and won Labor’s leadership contest in 2015 thanks to newcomers who could vote in such a contest for the first time. An unlikely icon for younger voters, he drew enormous crowds and, unavoidably himself, had a distinctive charm for his supporters.

He also, like Sanders, had a history of sympathy for left-wing thugs, a bitter hostility to Western power, a motley collection of kooky allies and an utterly fantastical domestic program.

So pretty much like the lower-key leftists he replaced, just not as well hidden.

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