February 4, 2020

THE CONCLUSION ABOUT AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM WAS ITSELF EXCEPTIONAL. “Our glorious and magnificent inheritance. . . . That everyone is made equal by the hand of Almighty God.” I’d call this speech “Reaganesque,” but honestly, Reagan was never this good.


I’m watching ABC, and Jonathan Karl’s comment is best: “When the speech was over, the Democrats ran for the exits.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: From the comments: “Before this decade is out, some smart Democrat is going to realize that if they would have treated Trump like an ordinary President, he would have behaved like an ordinary President, that they have only themselves to blame for making him extraordinary. And if we’re very lucky, the rest of the Democrats will ignore and ostracize this insightful Democrat, and remain stuck on stupid for another 30 years.”

Oft evil will shall evil mar, as they say.

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