November 6, 2002

BLOGGUS INTERRUPTUS: I may manage a post or two later tonight or tomorrow morning, but I’m catching an early flight to NYC tomorrow to be interviewed by the PBS show “Media Matters” — about weblogs, no surprise. If I get some free time I’ll post a few things, but since it’s an up-and-back in one day, free time may be at a premium. In my absence, visit the many fine weblogs in the links to the left. And don’t miss this special edition of Will Vehrs’ Punditwatch on FoxNews.

UPDATE: I’ve heard from Blogosphere favorite Rachael Klein! She emailed to let me know that she’s still at Berkeley, but that she’s given up her column because she’s trying hard to finish her senior thesis and graduate. She misses it, though, and I’ve encouraged her to start a weblog or start writing for Blogcritics or something. Anyway, I asked her to weigh in on the Great Cornell Vibrator controversy, and she’s sent some comments by email. I’ve posted them over at InstaPundit EXTRA! Also, Austin Bay has a comment on how Al Qaeda zealots find themselves fighting American robots — and losing.

And sheesh, over 100,000 pageviews yesterday, the day after the election. Go figure.

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