January 24, 2020

THE BABSON STORY JUST GETS WORSE: Babson College falsely claims faculty member fired over Iran Facebook post was not a faculty member. “As Phansey notes to The New York Times, he taught at Babson from 2009 to 2012. More importantly, if Babson had not terminated him, Phansey would have been teaching a class on Sustainable Marketing during the spring semester, which began on Tuesday. In fact, he would have been teaching yesterday, the same day Babson was telling The New York Times he was not a faculty member. . . . Babson itself described Phansey as a faculty member — until it began scrubbing its website to delete mentions of his name. Unfortunately for Babson, Google’s cache kept copies of the pages it was deleting.”

Babson’s supposed to focus on educating future business leaders. Plus, FIRE’s concluding statement: “If Babson is so opposed to jokes, perhaps it should stop acting like one.”

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