January 14, 2020

THEY’LL PILE ON YOU FOR AN UN-PC TWEET, THOUGH: Manchester police knew a ring of Pakistani men were abusing young girls and did nothing (Update).

So why didn’t the police and social workers do more to stop this? Because the crimes were considered racially sensitive. Local Labour MP Ann Cryer did try to do something after a group of mothers came to beg her help. She went first to a local Pakistani community leader but her concerns were brushed off. She then tried to bring attention to the story by going directly to the media.

Andrew Malcolm, a reporter for the London Times, saw the press release written by Cryer but ultimately decided not to write about the story because he didn’t want to provide fodder for the British National Party, which was gaining support at the time. “To my shame I allowed my liberal fear about giving succor and credence to the British National Party to act as a break on actually doing my job,” Malcolm told the BBC.

Cryer, the Labour MP, said that some members of her party offered support but others began whispering that perhaps she was a racist.

It’s almost like “racism” is just a tool to neutralize any effort by communities to look after themselves.

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