January 10, 2020


These are the top 10 items that have not been released to Gen Flynn and his lawyer. These documents would exonerate him. It is a disgrace that DOJ, the DC prosecutor, the FBI have not complied with the Flynn request for the Brady material. And yet, the prosecutor recommended a jail sentence for him. It is enough to make one very cynical about the Rule of Law. I hope you will do whatever you can to make sure people realize this is going on in America and do everything you can to get these documents released.

1. The original 302
2. The internal DOJ document dated January 30, 2017, that exonerates Flynn of being “an agent of Russia.”
3. Notes and documents of any kind dealing with any briefings that Mr. Flynn provided to DIA after he left the government.
4. Unredacted notes and 302s of both agents who interviewed Flynn on January 24.
5. The EC of SSA 1 interview of Flynn during the sample PDB where he went in to spy on Trump and Flynn.
6. The EC that started the whole investigation and drafts including anything written by Strzok that went into it.
7. The 1-A file—the whole audit trail of the Flynn 302 process.
8. The unredacted Strzok-Page text messages in their entirety–other than purely personal.
9. Unredacted McCabe memo.
10. Unredacted 302s of interviews of Strzok and SSA1 and raw notes.

These are all crucial.

None of this sounds unreasonable to me.

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