October 30, 2002

BOY IS THE BLOGOSPHERE FAST: I just noticed Ted Rall’s column accusing George Bush of having Paul Wellstone killed — and Rand Simberg has already administered a righteous Fisking thereto.

Let’s hear it for that three-hour time difference! And by the time the West Coast Fiskers have gone to bed, the TransAtlantic Fisking Squad is up and on the job — actually Fisking Robert Fisk, in this case, though Fisk has reportedly become so nervous that he’s no longer allowing the text of his speeches to be released, or any recording to take place. I wonder how long before he takes the next logical step and stops allowing people to listen? Probably never. Excerpt: “I was disgusted, but never bored. If you are rich and want to pay for an entertaining clown, Fisk is your man.”

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