January 6, 2020

HOLLYWOOD, INTERRUPTED: Ricky Gervais Hits Hollywood Stars Exactly Where It Hurts.

How Hollywood sees itself: dedicated craftsmen, important artists, world thought leaders. How Ricky Gervais (and everyone else) sees them: criminals, perverts and dopes — a gang of pretentious jerkwads who dropped out of high school when people noticed they were pretty, then mistakenly started to think their insights on world affairs matter. Hired to host the Golden Globes for the fifth and last time, Gervais saw it as his duty to tell Hollywood to eff off, and that’s exactly what he did. All those comics who think they’re “bold,” they “bite the hand that feeds them,” they “speak truth to power” — this is how it’s done.

More here: “Bringing Sandra Bullock on stage to announce the final award, Gervais said, ’Our next presenter starred in Netflix’s ‘Bird Box,’ a movie where people survive by acting like they don’t see a thing. Sort of like working for Harvey Weinstein.’ After the crowd erupted in boos, Gervais replied, ‘You did it! I didn’t, you did it!’”

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